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Mini, yet mighty.

The one urban bike that does it all.

Say hi to the SUGG mini bike, designed and built in the heart of Brussels. This ingenious little fellow turns your daily commute, mount, and supermarket run into a thrill. SUGG can do it all.

Compact design.

Effortless joy.

Tremendously fun and buttery smooth at cruising speeds.

Confidence on every journey

Agile handling and a steel frame make city riding a breeze - regardless of what Brussels sends your way.

Easy climb,
easy go

Rocketing you up steep hills with next to no effort.

Go everywhere, every day

Commutes with you

Board trains or subways and enter offices without hassle.

Don't think, just ride

Super light and always ready to go. At just 12 kg, you can carry your SUGG anywhere.

Fits everywhere

Store it wherever you want, from hallway to tiny trunk. Is that a SUGG behind your door?

Cycle fearless with support on every turn.

At SUGG, we gear you up for a safe ride.

Our services include bike classes, bike-friendly routes, theft insurance, and a maintenance network conveniently located around every corner.

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SUGG for business

Happier employees, healthier business

Boost your team's wellbeing with our next-gen urban bike.

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A frame of steel.

A heart of gold.

We're SUGG, the result of years of bike engineering. Defined by the courage of doing things differently, we build everything around simplicity. Making our bike easy to use & hard to fail.

Designed & assembled in Brussels.

Made in Europe.

The highest rated bike in town.
Planet in mind.

Using better, using less.
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